Minor Progress with HAB

8 04 2014

I have started to test this glue for the envelope on my high altitude balloon today. I haven’t found anything else that can glue Polyethylene locally. So, I have decided to see how this stuff goes. The only problem I can foresee is that the joints are too rigid and start cracking. Time will tell though.

I’ve also started to think about launch platform recovery and am going to use an idea one of my friends came up with. That is, make the payload a UAV that can fly itself back after reaching max altitude. To achieve this, I’m first going to make a standard park flyer that I can learn to fly with and, eventually, make it automated. From there, I’ll make a glider that will float up with the balloon, be used to launch the rocket, record and transmit flight data and then glide back to home base. The only issue then would be recovering the rocket. I don’t want to make the rocket and recovery/launch platforms one device, because this will eventually be the format used for launching larger rockets that, hopefully, won’t come back. So, reduction in the weight of the rocket will be crucial to obtain maximum altitude and payload weight.