My five year old taking a photo of me whilst I am working. He does love cameras.

My name is Aaron (a.k.a. power.supply) and I live in The Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. I’m primarily a stay at home dad, but I am also in my last year of my Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) degree and work casually for a national electronics chain.

I have a passion for the environment and space technologies, as well as making/hacking/re-purposing. The purpose of this site is to reveal the projects that I make in an open way so that everyone can benefit from them. In this way we can all help push our species forward into a large co-operative community. I’m all about sharing and inspiring and it is my hope that, through the projects I put up here, they help somebody. I also hope they inspire many into action to build something themselves, ideally, helping others in the process.

All of my projects are done on the tightest possible budgets. This is for a few reasons; the first being that I am a low income earner (with regard to my country anyway) so I can’t afford to spend much money on fancy parts or expensive equipment. The second being that I have always preferred making things over buying things. I’d rather spend a bunch of my time building something then going and buying something that will do the job for me. In this way, I manage to reduce parts costs but it ends up costing me more in man hours I spend on something. It all adds to the fun though and I learn heaps of new things on the way. Another main reason for having a low budget is that I really like the challenge of building something for next to nothing and coming out with something cool at the end. I’m exceptionally frugal and nearly everything I own I have gotten for a steal. I love saving money on purchases and feel absolutely ripped off when I have to pay the retail price for something. If there is a bargain to be had then I will be there.


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26 12 2013
Adam Collier

Hey Aaron, hows it going? I’ve come across your site whilst looking for a motor controller for my Fisher & Paykel stator. I’m thinking about buying an e-bike one or using a esc for little airplane motors. Apparently you can run big stators like what we have got with them.

It might be a lot easier than having to do the massive undertaking that your doing. Please update your page with the story so far!

25 08 2014
Fabio Gasparri

Hi Aaron! My name is Fabio and I am writing you from Argentina. I am starting my HAB project and read your posts about yours. Very interesting and challenging! Particularly I have the same idea of using cheap 433Mhz RF modules to achieve long distance for data transmission, and I was wondering how did it result for you? Did you make any progress?

27 09 2014

Hi Fabio, thanks for your interest. But, I haven’t had a chance to try again since the last time. I am looking to try again soon though. If you have any progress yourself, make sure to let me know.

27 09 2014
Fabio Gasparri

Sure Aaron, I am trying to document all the process so I can put everything together in some place to share.

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