BLDC Motor Controller Schematic

11 10 2012

Hi all,

Power section of BLDC motor controller for recumbent electric bicycle.

This is the schematic for the alpha version of the power section within the motor controller I am designing for my electric recumbent. It is fully untested so use at your own risk. It will be run by an Arduino on my project but I have designed it so that nearly any micro-controller with TTL logic levels can be used. I am in the middle of designing the PCB and will upload all of the files to github once I’m finished. Also, an explanation of the circuit will be put up soon too and yes I am aware that the hall effect sensors are missing. I am not sure if I will be adding them to this board or making a separate one for them. If I do add them then I will post an update.

Hope you all enjoy and let me know if I’ve made any silly mistakes or if you think I should add something.