Receiver Update

16 09 2012

I’ve had a chance to look into the destruction of the receiver module a little more. The verdict is, I had to end up buying a new receiver shield. I’m not sure why, but I replaced just the module and it wouldn’t work at all with it installed on the old shield. I bread boarded it and still couldn’t get it to work (I did forget to put the resistor in-line like the shield has though). I went and tried another module at the store I bought the first one from, before buying it, and it still wouldn’t work. At this point I gave up and just bought a new shield. This one doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as the previous one, as I am not getting as many packets as I was previously at the same distances. I’m going to redo my range tests with this new receiver and will post the results. This time I won’t point the antenna at any stray mobile phone towers 😉




One response

30 09 2012

There is apparently a bundle to identify about this. I consider you made some nice points in features also.

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