High Altitude Balloon – The Concept

1 08 2012

The idea behind the whole high altitude balloon launch platform is to see if it is viable to launch small payloads into orbit by first getting them past the majority of the atmosphere. To accomplish this, I have broken the project into a number of steps.
The first is to actually make a balloon, and then launch it, to develop the skills and equipment to make a successful rocket launch possible.
The next is to test a small rocket, maybe a rocket that takes C size engines, so that I can obtain a realistic comparison between identical rockets fired from the ground and then from high altitude.
This will then give me an idea as to whether or not atmospheric friction is a significant contributor to the fuel required to launch a rocket into orbit. If at this point I find that it is the cause of a lot of fuel usage, then I will scale everything up progressively and. hopefully, end up successfully launching a rocket into space.




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