30 07 2012

So I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth or anything, mainly due to the fact that it’s round. But have experienced a change in direction. This post is going to be a bit of ramble but I will try to make things as clear as possible. The main thing that has happened since my last post is that I have decided to shelve the Open IC project for the moment. This is due to a few reasons

1: I found that a group of people have been attempting a similar thing.

2: I have fallen victim to the dreaded procrastination virus and

3: I have taken on two new projects that I have been wanting to do for a long time and that I have more determination to finish.

The first of these projects is the one I have been focusing most of my attention on as of late and that is developing a high altitude balloon launch platform for rockets. The second is an electric assisted enclosed recumbent bicycle. So, for now at least, you will be seeing updates on these two projects as they develop. The next few posts will be a catch up on my progress so far.

Hope you stay tuned for more.




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